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Toody - Blue

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Toody is the brainchild of a very clever mum who got tired of always taking two towels for her bub every time they went swimming. Instead of taking one towel for when they get out of the pool, and a clean, dry towel for after their shower (or to wrap them in for the trip home), why not have a two-sided towel, with a water resistant layer between the two sides? Thus Toody was born!

Toody is one towel that does the job of two. The waterproof inner layer keeps the reverse side dry, clean and cosy ready for round two. Use it to dry bub after showering off the chlorine or salt, or to keep them warm and comfortable on the way home. Featuring a seatbelt buckle hole so they can wear it in the car, and velcro tabs to keep it in place; no flapping in the wind!

Made from high quality, soft velour cotton. Suitable for 0-5 years. Also available in Pink.